Project Description

TK311-2G: Professional Universal GPS Tracking Container Long Battery Life 3 Year Pre-set SIM card Included

TK211-2G: Professional Container GPS Tracking 3 Year Long Battery Life with Roaming SIM Card

Main features:
-Global roaming SIM card, can work worldwide;
-Long Battery Life 3 Years if without solar panel;
-Professional iot battery,  working temperature is ﹣40℃~+85℃;
-Big memory capacity can save 5000pcs data string;
-Optional accessories: door sensor open or closed;  container loaded or unload; temperature sensor
-Professional web tracking platform: movement history replay back, excel report, working status, battery alert.

Tech Specification:

Items Specitions Remarks
Appearance Host Size 205*67*26mm
Antenna size 60*40*20mm
Weight 350g
Positioning Location Mode GPS+A-GPS+WiFi+LBS
Positioning accuracy requirements <15meters(Open Sky)
Positioning time Cold start<60s(Open Sky)
Network FDD-LTE:B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B13/B18/
Type:SL411-OA-G(Global version)
Type:SL411-OA-C(Asia Pacific version)
Battery Standby current <20uA
Working current <400mA
Battery Voltage 3.6V
Battery Capacity 12000mAh
Number of Data reporting 5000pcs
Build-in Sensor Battery voltage detection 0~4V
Temperature detection ﹣40℃~+85℃
Motion detection Triaxial<=16g
Environment Operating temperature ﹣40℃~+85℃
Working humidity 5% ~ 95%
Waterproof rating IP67



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