Brief Introduction

VJOY CAR ELECTRONICS LIMITED (hereinafter called as Vjoycar) established in 1999, is a worldwide group of companies that is committed to being your best China supplier & partner in the field of “In-Car” electronics and vehicle safety items.

In the past years, we have been pushed out many unique products to the market and widely accepted by our customers. We are the first company which bring small GPS speedometer to car safety driving in consumer market, and we are the first company which combine GPS and OBD2 on the same device. Current now, our main products are GPS tracker & GPS tracking solution, GPS speedometer, car head up display, smart OBD gauge, and on-board computer. Our products are widely exported to Korea, Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Brazil, Chile,Russia, UAE, India, South Africa,Nigeria and so on. All of our products are with “Industry Standard” and most have passed CE full testing(Health,Safety,EMC and Radio) and got the Certifications.

VJOYCAR will keep offering quality products & wonderful service to you!

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