We have 3 kinds of most popular GPS speedometer on the market, they are C60, C60s and C80.

First of all, they are similar and all have below same specification:

  • Easy Setup-Plug & Play- Power through USB Vehicle Cigarette Outlet Jack, No professional installation is required.
  • Compatible with All Cars & Trucks. Use GPS Signal Guided Calculation, No wiring needed to the VSS (vehicle speed signal).
  • Speed unit MPH or KM/h – Simple Push Button Set up.
  • Auto Adjust Brightness thru Sensor for Day & night-time Driving.
  • Digitals in Green Color Speed Display, easy on your eye.
  • Over Speed Warning Setting — Alarm Mute Function. Over-speed warning: a 3 seconds alarm beep and keep flash display will keep warning driver.
  • USB cable:180cm

Secondly, let’s list their difference:

  • they have different screen size. C60 and C60s are 3.0inch , but C80 is 4.5 inch.

  • C60 is the only one with Head-Up-Display function, it means, it has two display mode: stand-up, and projection. However, C60s and C80 can only stand-up.  Below is C60 dual display mode.  It means, if you are seeking for GPS speedometer with hud function, then the only choice is C60.

  • C60s and C80 have the 360 degree holder, however, C60 doesn’t have.


Pls kindly choose your favorite GPS speedometer.