Why VJOYCAR GPS trackers are so popular? Because they are the best in China!

Let’s show a table for our most popular TK GPS trackers first of all:

Common GPS Trackers Luxury GPS Trackers
2G TK05se TK10se TK20se TK05 TK10 TK20
3G TK05gse TK10gse TK20gse TK05G TK10G TK20G

General speaking, VJOYCAR luxury GPS trackers have all functions of common GPS tracker, however, they have more functions as blow:

  • WiFi.
  • Micro SD Slot.
  • Microphone.
  • Removable Battery.

Question 1: How does WiFi work?
Answer, wifi works very much.
1. WiFi tracking and Wifi locating.
As we all know, no GPS signal indoor, eg, inside the super market, inside the shopping mall… a common GPS tracker will locate via LBS. However, LBS location is from the nearest GSM tower, it’s not accurate at all.
Our luxury GPS trackers could locate from wifi signal as long as there are 2 or more than 2 routers. It’s very accurate. Of course, if no wifi signal, it will locate from LBS still. If Just locate via wifi signal, it no need wifi user and password, just locate from wifi SIGNAL.

2. WiFi fence.
Set a wifi fence for the gps tracker, once it moves into or out from the fence,it will alert and report. Much better than the old device – bluetooth anti lost device.

3. WiFi uploading.
If you want to save cost from GPRS internet data plan. Then do a simple setting, make it upload via WiFi only , or Both Wifi & GPRS.

Question 2: How does SD slot work?
Answer, micro SD slot supports max 32G TF card. Then it helps a lot also.
1. Data Logger.
Are you seeking for a GPS tracker without sim card, no sim card? Every seller tell you no way, no that kind of GPS trackers, right? However, we have a solution. When receive the device, if you don’t want to buy a sim card for it, because the SIM card need credit, cost money, no effective, yes, then just let it save data inside the TF card, work as a offline data logger.
Finally, when the car come back, eg, your drive come back home, take out the tf card, play back its data on the google map.

Furthermore, the offline data can be report and export to excel.

BTW, if no working SIM card, no signal released, then , the signal detector can’t find it out! Anti-Jammer! 100% secret!

2. Save Data.
Most users who are familiar with gps tracking devices, should have one question: why my device lose some data always. That’s because, when the device move into the crowed building, move into the forest, move into the remotely location… then no GSM signal, can’t upload data to server. For our devices, when no GSM signal, it could save data inside the TF card for months, then upload to server again when GSM signal come back. Automatically!

Question 3: What’s the microphone used to?
Answer: Built in microphone, means, the master control phone number could send sms to call and listen the background audio within 5 meters, voice monitor remotely.

Question 4: What’s removable battery used to?
Answer: A removable battery value more than you can image:
1. Save cost. All of VJOYCAR TK GPS trackers are with big battery, and they are rechargeable. However, our GPS tracker life is around 10 years, battery life is only 1-3 years. Once battery is dead, then a portable GPS tracker is dead also? No, you could replace the battery by yourself. Eg, we always got demands like this: “We do not like the non-replaceable battery option as Lithium batteries are only good for 2-4 years.”
2. Save time. Some special project, no time to recharge the battery, then use 2 minutes to replace a new battery for the GPS tracker.
3. Valid warranty. VJOYCAR offer 12 months quality warranty. However, some countries, eg, UK,Bulgaria the logistic companies don’t allow stuff with internal battery. Then if you want to ship it back to China for repair or replacement, then, no way. For our GPS tracker, just take out the battery, pack and ship back at a low cost.

At last, all of our TK gps trackers are popular because of:

  • Waterproof Level IPX7
  • Long Battery Life
  • Powerful Magnet
  • Kinds of Sleeping Modes
  • FREE GPS Tracking Software – Forever
  • Public Hardware Communication Protocol

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