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X3: Global Cheapest 5.5inch OBDii Head Up Display HUD

X3: is a 5.5″ big screen OBD II head up display – HUD, pretty cheap, low cost, very popular.

Main Featues:

1.Plug and play. HUD can automatically adapt to vehicle type which in line with OBDII or EUOBD(On-Board Diagnostic System).
2.Comprehensive display. HUD can display many parameters at the same time as follows, vehicle speed, engine speed, water temperature (voltage, throttle valve position, ignition advance angle, time of 100 km acceleration),fuel consumption, mileage, low fuel tips, engine failure.
3.Three display mode. Driver can chose normal display mode, high- speed display mode and automatic display mode.
4.Free switch. Km and mile can be switched freely.
5.Suitable size. The display area is 5.5 inches which is very clear for driver to read data.
6.Automatic power on and off. Starting with the vehicle starting, stopping with the vehicle stopping to protect the vehicle’s battery. Moreover, HUD can also power on and power off by manual, which is more easy to control HUD.
7.Flexible alarm mode. HUD can offer single-stage and four-stage overspeed alarm modes to choose to make driving safer.
8.Engine speed alarm. It contributes to shift gear in time to save fuel also has significance to new driver.
9.Flexible brightness adjustment. The brightness can be adjusted automatically or manually to reach the best state which is in harmony with the environment.


Note: OBD2 HUD support OBDII port OBD2 standard protocol or EUOBD standard protocol cars.

  • For Europe and North America, it could apply for cars which were born after 2004, and with standard OBD2 or EUOBD. For other area, it could apply for cars which were born after 2008 and with standard OBD2 or EUOBD.
  • Don’t support OBD I or JOBD(Japanese OBD) cars.


(1)Why the fuel light always keep flashing and alarming?
Reason and solution:
One situation: If the set-up of the ninth oil is 1, it means to calculate the fuel by auto level sensor. 80 percent of car without this sensor, so it will alarm if set up to 1,and to be 0 means input fuel manually. Or off by set up to 2,the problem will be solved.
Another situation: If not set up to the ninth, the default value is 0, it means after consuming the input fuel manually to drive a long time, the fuel light will alarm. The reason why occurs this phenomenon is that the fuel is less than 10L,which shows the mileage. Icon KM will light, please wave left many times at the moment until the number of 888 position surpass 10.And then the fuel icon will stop flashing, it means problem has be solved. This operation means car has refueled rapidly. If the refueling is the car needed, it will as normal mileage, next time if the refueling is less than 10L, the fuel light will light automatically.

(2)Why HUD will auto-start when driving?
Reason and solution:
One situation: The ninth set-up is 1, it means to calculate the fuel by auto level sensor. Because of car without the sensor, HUD will retrieve the data. Long time retrieving will lead other data receiving & sending to slow, speed data maybe lose, and HUD will auto off. But once the auto voltage kept more than 13.2V,HUD will auto on again. So setting up 0 or 2 can solve the problem.
Another situation: The eleventh set-up is calculating fuel consumption by seeing displacement. Fuel consumption cannot be showed, this probably make HUD restarted. The reason is same as above. HUD retrieve two sensors data to calculate the fuel consumption, when not receiving the data, the set-up is 0, using air sensor to calculate, it will become normal. The problem is solved. Similarly, if the eleventh set-up is 0,it will lead to restart, then the solution is to use displacement to calculate fuel consumption.

(3)Why cannot set up fuel consumption unit to L/100KM?
Reason and solution:
The set up of HUD software is L/H and L/100KM auto transition mode, that is fuel consumption per hour and fuel consumption per one hundred meter auto transition. This is good to well know fuel consumption, because the L/100KM data is 0 when stopping, which is using fuel to divide distance. When the distance is 0, the result is 0. When you wait the red light, fuel consumption shows 0, it is nothing to you. So auto switch to L/H.
Showing L/H when stopping and L/100KM when driving. But if you alter the default setting, the fuel consumption always be L/H, then wave left for five seconds, L/H will flash. Do again,L/100KM will flash. Then press the switch for five seconds to exit the program, the set up will be done. It is normal for L/H lighting, because the speed is 0 and can only show L/H unit. Once you driving, everything is ok.
(4)Why consume so much fuel when starting?
Reason and solution:
It is the fact that consuming much fuel when starting. Above we have said the less the distance, the more fuel consumption. If you want to consume a little fuel, then you can start in a smooth speed.

(5)How could I read vehicle Combined fuel consumption ?
Reason and solution::Vehicle Combined fuel consumption means Average fuel consumption.After you shut car down,HUD will display your Average fuel consumption for 10 seconds,and then HUD auto-off.

(6)Why the speed, revolving speed, water temperature HUD showed is different from your car’s?
Reason and solution:
HUD showed data is from car ECU , this data is very accurate. But it is more slow than auto meter, because there is error in auto meter production. In order to keep up with the auto meter, HUD also has adjustment function. Press vertical wave button for 5 seconds,menu 0 can be set up to 100, which means the same as car ECU.

(7)How to restore the factory setting?
Reason and solution:
The operation process is plugging in HUD and waiting it to auto off (on condition that please don’t start car), wave right for five seconds, you will hear a “tick”sound.

(8)How HUD clear fault code ?
First please don’t start your car,turn your key on(some cars has no key then turn to electricity),when your car ECU work and HUD display nothing,dial up left for 5 seconds,you will hear a ‘tick’,that means clear successfully.

(9)Why mileage shows nothing?
Reason and solution:
Mileage works only under the following two conditions: one is fuel less than 10L, another is driving distance less than 199KM.
(10)Why not showing fuel consumption?
Reason and solution:
The menu 11 default value is 16 in factory setting, that is calculating the fuel consumption by displacement. It applies for most cars, but the other cars don’t have the sensor and use air sensor to calculate. Based on this, the menu 11 should be set-up 0 to show fuel consumption. If the fuel light doesn’t light, please see menu 14 ,1 means showing,0 means close.

(11)Why it is difficult to set up HUD?
Reason and solution:
HUD is one-button design, there is three directions for one-button, this is press, wave left, wave right. The factory settings apply for most cars, so it is plug and play. But when there is a big different between auto meter and HUD, you will need set up.

a.Set up mode sequence as below:
Plug in OBD—press switch five seconds then loose hand—showing big 107 and small 0 (888 and 88 will show, other place is black) —big 107 means set-up parameter, small 0 means the zero menu—press the big number to 117,small number to 1—press the big number to 100,small number to 2—recycling press to choose the parameter

HUD default menu and its corresponding parameter:
0-(107) 1-(117) 2-(100) 3-(75) 4-(0) 5-(120) 6-(0) 7-(0) 8-(50) 9-(0) 10-(50) 11-(16) 12-(132) 13-(80) 14-(1) 15-(80)
b.Set up parameter
E.g.If the showing speed of HUD is slower 6 KM/H than auto meter, the revolving speed is faster 200r than auto meter, fuel consumption show 0.0, the set-up method is as below:
Plug in OBD—press switch five seconds then loose hand—showing big 107 and small 0 (888 and 88 will show, other place is black) —wave left three times ,107 will become 110—press downward once ,the interface is big 117 and small 1—wave right ten times ,117 will become 107—press downward ten times ,the interface is big 16 and small 11—wave right sixteen times ,16 will become 0—press switch five seconds then loose hand, and the set-up is done

c.The explanation of speed and revolving speed.
The default value of speed is 107, it stands for 107%. HUD is reading sensor data from car ECU, and auto meter is directly receiving sensor data. There is error in auto meter. Refer to the error, after getting the car ECU data, multiply by 107%,then show the data by HUD, and it is the same as auto meter. If the parameter is 100, then it shows the car ECU data, and is different from auto meter.
So is revolving speed.

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