Project Description

Q51: Mini hidden Audio Voice Double A Battery Powered Continuous Recording 300 Hours

Q70: China Best Selling Mini Digital Audio Recorder Support 600 Hours Continuous Voice Recording Magnet Easy Hidden

Main Functions:
-ABS+ aluminum alloy,5# dry battery(AA dry battery), don’t need take time to charge;
-One-click recording, no button design, with wire-controlled multi-function operation, with delete function;–LED light indication when play;
-ADPCM recording:192Kbit,Optional voice-activated recording 50DB, automatic split recording;
-Recording for 300 hours in a row, standby 365 days, 8GB capacity (storage recording for 90 hours);
-Play format: WAV,WMA, MP3,Support fast forward and backward play;
-With a timestamp, the name of the recording file named according to recording time.

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