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C500 New OBD Car Speed Projector Hud Head Up Display Digital Speedometer OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Car Accessories Auto Parts

C500 is VJOYCAR first released 3rd generation hud, no need paste the film on the car windshield glass, no need buy extra car phone holder, it can project the digitals on its own holder… very clearly, no double image. Won’t affect the sight-view of car, the best car safety gadget!

New Innovation! The 3rd General Smart Speed Display!
1st generation hud: Project the speed on the film. Double image, not very clear.
2st generation hud: Project the speed on hud holder glass. No need to paste the film, but it has double image still.
3rd generation hud: Display the speed on the hud holder glass directly. Not projection. No Double Image!

Main Feature:
1.Alarm Icon: High water temperature / Low voltage alarm / shift reminder / over speed alarm / Fatigue driving / Engine Error
2.Multi-functions display: RPM / Voltage / driving distance /clock / water temperature / fuel consumption
3.Light sensor:HUD can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment
4.Mileage unit:TRIP means the driving distance from engine start to off
5.Fuel consumption unit: unit of Average fuel consumption per hundred kilometers / instantaneous fuel consumption =AVG
6.Speed:digital display the vehicle driving speed


Technical Parameters
1.Environment temperature: – 40 0C— +80 0C
Barometric press: 86-106KPa
Relative humidity:10%-95%
Environment voice:<=60dB

2.Work voltage:11V~18Vdc(12Vdc/200mA)
3.Sleep current:<=30mA
4.Product size:fold 135X68X30 mm,full size:135x68x56mm
5.Projector image size:90x20mm
6.Display way:projector
7.Display channel :LED Display
8.Reflector transmittance: 96%
9.Virtual image distance: 55 mm

10: Left and right angle view: 60°
downwards angle view: 15°

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