Topic: If you are doing rental Cars/Trucks/ Trailers/Container business now, do you often worry about your assets be stolen by others?Want to real-time tracking your cars where they have visited?? Far away or still nearly around you???


VJOY CAR TK Star GPS Tracker is the best choice and solution to protect your value safety. It is a powerful and cost-effective for monitoring unit which provides online tracking capabilities via SMS, free mobile Andriod/IOS App and professional tracking platform on PC, to implement Users/Managers directly remote control and real-time monitoring the rental assets status, movement, speed, mileage, historical route.. etc. especially for some emergency & security applications like stolen/lost vehicle…

Widely application for all kinds of fleet management, eg:

Custom specific requirement details:

♦  Portable magnet device with long battery life( up to 1-3 years)

♦  High accurate location

♦ Avoid detect signal via detector by others

♦ SMS with lat/long when the car stops running

♦ Need hardware that can do 1 seconds upload to the server

Why our TK Star GPS tracker will be the best choice for fleet management?

Perfect features:

2G/3G network

• Wireless, no external battery connection required

• Portable to put everywhere, simple install

• Super magnet, strong attach to any metal surface not east to fall

• Waterproof IPX7 for 30 minutes under 1 meter water

• Long Standby with 5000mAh/10000mAh/20000mAh Lithium-Polymer battery optional

• External antenna for increased accuracy

• U-blox 7 GPS module

Function Support:

• Multi GPS+GSM+WIFI Positioning ways, no data lost

• Geofence alarm, if enters or exits a predefined zone

• Motion alert via SMS/CALL once detect any vibration/movement

• Dismount sensor build in, send CALL/SMS alert if drop down

• Low battery alert

• Two sleep modes, lowest power consumption and charges

• Remote audio monitor, can clear hear around voice within 5 meter

• SD offline data logger function for remote area which without signal, no data lost

• Wifi Positioning, support indoor usage if over 2 wifi hotspots available, no need password

Extra special function customized also support:

• Vehicle Stop alert, will send an alert to master if detect stop up to 3 minutes.

• Support 1 seconds upload, keep handshake with satellite and real-time tracking.

• Anti- jammer, can prolong wake-up time from deep sleep after detecting (1-99s) shake, instead wake up at once, so thief can’t detect the signal and find tracker any more.

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