China Best GPS Tracking System design for Containers!

1. Professional iot battery.
It can bear highest and lowest temperature from ﹣40℃ to +85℃. No risk of explosion. Can be located nearby the fuel tank also.
2. Long battery life.
Considering difficulties of charging, the battery capacity is from 120000mAh to 60000mAh, if one data each 24 hours, it can last for max 10 years. One data each 24hours, to track containers on the ship, it’s enough.
3. Big memory capacity.
Big enough memory, it can storage 5000pcs of data. When the containers are on the ocean, no 2G 3G 4G signal, it can save data inside its memory; when containers move to the pier / transit stop, signal recovery, it can transfer the data from internal memory to cloud server so that the users can monitor its location.
4. Global roaming SIM card.
It’s pre-installed global roading sim card, just 10USD each year, can work all world the world.
5. Simple install.
Kinds of design, but all are pretty easy to install. Especially for dry containers, just use the screw to fix nearby the window.
6. Custom service.
Load/unload sensor, Wired and Bluetooth Door open/closed sensor, Internal/External temperature sensor, Humidity Sensor…
7. Web tracking platform with reports.
Professional web tracking platform and open protocol. If you have your own tracking platform, pls tell us to send u protocol; if you don’t have your own tracking platform, you can use our standard platform, or we can offer API for you.

Anything you need, pls don’t hesitate to let us know: sales@vjoycar.com