User Requirements:

– GPS Locator for Fleet Management (Mining Truck);

SPY GPS Tracking device: not easy to recognize it’s a tracking device;

– Plug and play: should be connected to the vehicle’s battery but with an internal backup battery;

– Easily get external battery, no need to cut off vehicle battery’s cable;

– Should send its position each 15 minutes;

– Free Tracking Platform;

Implemented Vjoycar Item – C20T:

– Car Surveillance;

– Camouflage effect, looks and works as a regular car adapter;

– Easy installation, just plug-in and play;

– No need to cut off vehicle battery’s cable;

– 2600mAh Lithium battery;

– Accurate car battery voltage display to avoid car engine start fail Due to low battery voltage;

– 2 USB ports with 3.1A output;

– 2 Cigarette Lighter to expand;