802, 2018

VJOYCAR GPS Tracker for Pets Dog Cat

We have 3 kinds of GPS tracker suitable for Pets: T580/T580W, T630/T630W, and T633G. T580/T580W: Outstanding Features: --> One of the smallest portable GPS+LBS+WIFI Tracker; --> Mini Size: 35*66*14 mm, just like a thumb, very [...]

1801, 2018

How about our TK GPS trackers for car truck and other vehicles?

Topic: If you are doing rental Cars/Trucks/ Trailers/Container business now, do you often worry about your assets be stolen by others?Want to real-time tracking your cars where they have visited?? Far away or still nearly around [...]

1701, 2018

What’s New of China Best GPS Trackers?

Why VJOYCAR GPS trackers are so popular? Because they are the best in China! Let's show a table for our most popular TK GPS trackers first of all: Common GPS Trackers Luxury GPS Trackers 2G [...]

2812, 2017

[ Case Study ] Vehicle Fleet Management: C20T

User Requirements: - GPS Locator for Fleet Management (Mining Truck); - Not easy to recognize it’s a tracking device; - Should be connected to the vehicle’s battery but with an internal backup battery; - Easily [...]

609, 2017

VJOYCAR GPS Tracker Products Comparison

VJOYCAR GPS Tracker Products Comparison VJOYCAR own around 100 models of GPS tracking devices for different application. Therefore, many clients are confused when see the product catalog. So many models, how to pick up your [...]

2607, 2017

Difference of VJOYCAR GPS Trackers

List of Difference of VJOYCAR GPS Trackers There're many clients ask: Hello please tell me that different GPS tracker tk055e,tk05gse, tk05, and tk05g. Since Oct.2016,in order to wash away the copy gps trackers,our most popular [...]

109, 2016

Best GPS Tracking Devices?

How To Seek For Best GPS Tracking Devices? We got too much inquiries each day, and most our dear clients seems that don't know GPS trackers at all...As a sales focused on GPS trackers for [...]