How To Seek For Best GPS Tracking Devices For Car & Truck?

We got too much inquiries each day, and most our dear clients seems that don’t know GPS trackers at all…As a sales focused on GPS trackers for many years, let me teach you how to seek for best GPS tracking devices.

1. Quality: everyone know quality is important,but how to detect a quality device? If you are seeking for GPS trackers from China manufacture, pls kindly inquiry their quality warranty policy. Most of our Chinese factories offer 12 months quality warranty. However, most import, let’s go to details. If faulty items within these 12 months, will they replace or repair for you?do you need pay for the shipping cost when return?

BTW, most quality trackers have CE and Rohs Certifications.

2. Software supporting:
1)Protocol: A good gps tracking device should have open protocol, and the protocol should be easy to read and be integrated.
2)Platform: A quality gps tracker manufacture offer FREE gps tracking platform include web based, andriod app and IOS app, FREE forever, no monthly or yearly subscription. Because if one year need pay for 10USD subscription, then 5-10 years, that’s 50-10USD, and need time to update and pay, time wasted.
3)Compatibility: VJOYCar gps trackers cooperated with most famous third party software platforms,eg: gpsgate,Wialon(orange/gurtam),gps-server,gpswox,and traccar. Please refer to this link:

3. Usage:
A perfect gps tracking system should be easy to used. When receive the hardware, follow the user guide, could make it work within 5 minutes, then use the platform smoothly also.
Because time is the most important than anything else.

How about your idea?